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  • AIR TICKETS & RESERVATIONS At Bliss Travels we offer the best deals in town when it comes to airline tickets. With us, you can select from a wide range of airlines at very attractive prices. From short-haul regional destinations to long-haul transcontinental flights, you can select tickets to a large number of destinations when you book with us. We offer exclusive deals from time to time, therefore please ensure to contact us well in advance before booking your next flight. You’ll be surprised to find how much you could save when you book with us. Contact Us

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  • TOUR / HOLIDAY PACKAGESWe offer personalized holiday packages to individuals and large groups alike. You can select from a large range of destinations such as the exquisite Asian regions to the far away Americas or Europe. When you choose us you can be guaranteed to have a truly memorable holiday that will remain with you for a long time. Our fully customisable holiday packages are very well organised so that you can relax, enjoy and have fun without any of the hassle. Contact Us

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  • CRUISE HOLIDAYSIf you would like to try a whole new holiday experience, why not book a cruise trip when you plan your next holiday… We can arrange world class luxury cruise liners to fit your budgetary requirements. With a cruise holiday, you can enjoy the ‘best of everything’ since you will be travelling in luxurious comfort and there is no limit to your entertainment once you get on board the ship. At each port you stop, you’ll be able to explore local towns and experience the local cultural and historical attractions.Read More>>

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  • PILGRIMAGE TOURSIf you are planning to visit holy sites either in India, Thailand, Burma, Mecca or any other sacred destination, we can help you. We are fully capable in finding you a suitable pilgrimage tour; and by choosing us you can pay homage to the sacred sites in peace and serenity. We have designed very attractive offers to suit all types of pilgrims so that you can choose a package that suit you best. Contact Us

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  • WORLD-WIDE HOTEL RESERVATIONSPlease do get in touch with us if you require any assistance in making a reservation in a hotel anywhere in the world. With our worldwide links we can arrange a hotel of any standard under very short notice. We’ll take care all of your needs quickly and reliably so you can pack your bags in peace.

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  • INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TRANSFERS & RAIL TICKETSAs soon as you arrive at your destination we will make sure that you’ll have a smooth transfer to your next location without a fuss. We will arrange local transport, including rail travel and taxis, even before you arrive. As we do all the hard work, your travels will be smooth, relaxing and hassle free. Please contact us to arrange local transport before you depart for your next international destination. Contact Us

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  • TRAVEL INSURANCEWe work in partnership with Aussie Travel Cover to give you a comprehensive travel cover when you travel outside Australia. Please follow the link to consider a travel insurance plan that suit you best. Contact Us

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  • DOMESTIC TOURSFrom Darwin to Hobart and Gold Coast to Perth, we can organise tours all over Australia. Please let us know of your exact requirements and we’ll arrange a truly memorable tour in this magnificent continent. Contact Us